Oh Guatemala

I have not really posted much about the genocide trial of former Guatemalan dictator, Rios Montt.  Mainly because I have been awestruck that it was happening at all.  When I spent time in the region (mostly 1998-2006) I felt like Guatemala was a nation very, very far from anything like a trial against Montt.

But then it happened and I watched in awe as this country mired in a long history of colonial/corporate abuses did something no other country has – tried in a fair court of law its former dictator.  When he was found guilty, I danced with joy at the way that democracy was happening in this beautiful, amazing place.

I suppose I shouldn’t have been so crushed when the high court of Guatemala simply overturned Montt’s conviction.  I’m so sad to see this unfolding, to watch the hopes of the people who were tortured, raped, and murdered by this man dashed on the pillar of cronyism and, well. let’s just call it evil.

Boing Boing has had some shockingly good coverage of the events as they unfold if you want to know more.

photo: Daniel Hernández-Salazar.

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