Publications about the Maya/Religion

This is a partial list of my academic publications from my life as a professional anthropologist and professor.

2012, “Motive Matters: Intentionality, Embodiment, and the Individual in Archaeology” Time and Mind: The Journal of Archaeology, Consciousness and Culture. November 5(3), pp. 279-298.

2012, Preface for Agency in Ancient Writing, Joshua Englehardt editor, University Press of Colorado.

2011, “The San Pedro Maya and the British colonial enterprise in British Honduras 1855-1936 : ‘We may have a perfectly harmless and well affected inhabitant turned into a designing and troublesome neighbor’” (with Minette Church and Jason Yaeger) in Enduring Conquests: Rethinking the Archaeology of Resistance to Spanish Colonialism in the Americas, School of American Research Press.

2004, “Blood from the Moon: Gender Ideology and the Rise of Social Complexity in Mesoamerica”, Gender and History. August 16 (2), pp. iv-493.

2004, “Beyond Belief: Religious Experience, Ritual and Cultural Neuro-phenomenology in the Interpretation of Past Religious Systems”, Cambridge Archaeological Journal 14(1).

2002, “Agency and Archaeology: Past, Present, and Future Directions”, Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 9(4), December, pp. 303-329.

4 thoughts on “Publications about the Maya/Religion

  1. Dear Jennifer,
    I am in independent researcher writing a series of books on the History and Philosophy of the Cognitive Science of Religion, with particular interest in the McClenon-Winkelman hypothesis re the significance of dissociative states on the evolution of early Shamanistic forms of religion, and I’m trying hard to read your 2004 “Beyond Belief:” Being unaffiliated at present makes access to seminal works very difficult / costly at times, and I wondered if this paper and any of your other work is open access? Thank you for your time, and Merry Christmas! Dominic

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I am an archaeology MA student writing a review of your 2002 paper “Agency and Archaeology: Past, Present, and Future Directions”. I would like to include biographical information as well as the sociopolitical context that may have been relevant to the perspectives taken within the paper. If possible, could you contact me and let me know if there is anything particularly interesting that, at this time, had contributed to your opinions and perspectives on agency, the individual, social structures, and ideology within archaeology? I would be very interested to here your personal account!

    Warm regards,

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