Short Stories

Short Stories

* Fire to Set the Blood – Swords & Steam, Flame Tree Press, August 2016
“Far as Naja could tell, every single child in the town of Brodie, rich as the Lintons or poor as this girl, had fallen to the fever at the exact same moment…”

* Skitter & Click – Crime & Mystery Short Stories, Flame Tree Press, July 2016
“Katie blinked at the phone. It took her a moment to understand what the synthesized electronic voice said. Five years after her son was murdered and sickos still took the time to taunt her with crank calls…”

* Little Galaxies – Daily Science Fiction, December 30, 2015
“I’d come to kill a god but she was not what I expected…”

* Mind the Gap – Interzone Nov/Dec, #255, 2014
“It really was a flash, a sudden burst of awareness. Then, I felt nothing but horror…”

* Ixtab Takes a Day Off – Abyss & Apex Magazine Issue 49, 1st Quarter, 2014
“Being the goddess of suicide is a total shit job…”

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