Bye Bye DOMA!!

Aaaaand Defense Of Marriage Act is dead!!!! Good riddance and I hope this is the beginning of the end of legalized homophobia.

I worked at the national office of PFLAG in DC when DOMA was before congress and I spent a year fighting that fucking nightmare piece of crap. The passage of DOMA is actually one of the reasons I left DC entirely – I couldn’t stand to work in a system that could pass something that I knew many of those assholes didn’t even believe, but they voted for it because they wanted to get reelected. I knew that if I stayed in DC my soul would be crushed into little splinters and I would lose my ability to have any faith in the world. I am embarrassed that I wasn’t strong enough to stay and I am awed by the people who kept fighting because they are the ones that made this day finally happen. I give mad props to all the people who have been in the trenches year after year. You are truly my heroes and you are the ones making the world a better place for everyone.